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No Filter Needed: Perfect Selfie Products

When it comes to selfies, we've all got our favorite filters. Whether you're a Mayfair maven, a Valencia Vixen, or you craft your own unique cocktail of editing features to get the perfect picture, we all find ourselves relying on filters to get our selfies just right. But, we've partnered with Physicians Formula to start a filter-free movement with their line of Super BB #InstaReady™ products. Physicians Formula is the first brand to create products tailored to produce a perfect selfie every time.

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Finals, A Survival Guide: The All Nighter

Since it is that time again.. at least for me it is. As a student myself, I don’t suggest all nighters to anyone. Yes I have done it... a lot. But I never feel better after having engaged in an all nighter. I’m always a little slower for the remainder of the week (especially if I have to do multiple), and it’s hard to make up for this loss of sleep when you have a demanding college schedule that deprives sleep to begin with! The obvious advice I give is to plan your life out so you don’t have to attempt an all nighter (but we all know that isn’t always possible) so I’m here to give you some tips on pulling an all nighter!

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What’s Really Causing Your Dandruff?

We all know what to do when you get flaky skin on your face or body—reach for the lotion! But what about when the flakes find themselves in harder-to-reach spots namely, your scalp? This can be harder to manage and frankly, a bit more embarrassing. And sometimes the cause of your flakes aren't quite as obvious as dry skin.

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Helpful Hacks to Tame Flyaways

Think about it—your hair goes through a lot between being brushed, styled, and put up in a ponytail. More often than not, you'll end up with a handful of stray hairs once you're done fixing your 'do, but where do all these annoying baby hairs come from? Newsflash: they're signs of your hair breaking or being pulled straight away from your head. Sure we have lots of hair, so it's easy to ignore, but at a certain point, those flyaways can get out of hand. So put down the brush, pick up a comb, and read up on these products we love and other helpful hacks.

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How to Make Your Blowout Last Through a 5K

For anyone who's ever sacrificed a good hair day in favor of a workout, listen up! Now you no longer have to give up your pretty mane in order to break a sweat. We chatted with two top hairstylists to learn how you can preserve your blowout, waves, or styled strands through a sweaty workout sesh. Heck, even a summer 5K doesn't stand a chance!

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4 Suprising Uses For Oats

You're probably familiar with some uses for oats, such as oatmeal granola and cookies. But did you know that oats have plenty of uses besides feeding your appetite?

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The Benefits Of Chocolate, According To Science

Almost everyone likes to eat chocolate and no one would complain if you told them it was actually good for you. But that may very well be true.

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My Perfect Date Night

A new theme on my blog, let's talk about love! Anything to do with it, from dating to kissing. Let's talk about what makes our heart beat faster! You look great and your makeup is on point for your date, but what are you going to do? Need inspiration for an amazing date with the… Continue reading My Perfect Date Night

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Never Get Lipstick on Your Teeth Again!

There are few things more embarrassing than realizing you've had lipstick on your front teeth during a very long conversation with someone. (Dear other person: Be cool and tell me!) Fortunately, there are ways to prevent it from ever happening again.

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Mythbusters: Why Your Lips Are Actually Chapped

Just because it's frigid outside doesn't mean we have to let our pout game suffer. How can we fight chapped lips in the midst of the crisp fall weather scene? We turned to the experts for advice.