Passion Pink

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink First School Day (English Translation)

Mahoko: Oh, she’s here! Hina, good morning!
Ema: Maho-chan, good morning.
Ema: (This girl’s Mahoko Imai-chan, or Maho-chan for short)
Ema: (She’s my best friend, and we’re always together at school)
Ema: (By the way, the nickname “Hina” came from “Hinata”)
Mahoko: How’s your new life? You finished moving, right?
Ema: Yup, but I haven’t finished cleaning up yet.
Mahoko: How’s your new family?
Ema: About that…
Mahoko: What’s up, having such a serious expression…?
Ema: Actually…


Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Weekly Schedule Tutorial (English Translation)

Ema: Phew… I wonder if this is most of it.
Juli: I guess so. Most of the big furniture’s been brought in, so it should be fine if we clean up the smaller things slowly.
Ema: In the end, this weekend’s been taken up by greetings and cleaning.
Ema: I see…
Juli: …Chii. Could it be that you’re still nervous?
Ema: No, I’m fine now. Before I met everyone I was super nervous, but seeing as how they all seem so kind, I’m glad.
Juli: Although some of them seem like they have a really distinct personality…
Ema: Ahaha…that’s true. I was surprised about having all kinds of brothers. Having eleven of them is amazing.
Juli: How is it? Do you think you can get along well with them?
Ema: Who knows…


Brothers Conflict Passion Pink First Morning (English Translation)

Juli: Fuwaaah. Waking up so early like this, is it alright for you to go to the living room?
Ema: Maybe. They said that so that anyone can enter easily, the key is kept under the flowerpot in the entranceway.
Juli: Under the flowerpot…… really!? Hey, wait.
Juli: Is it alright to have such sloppy security, in present day!? This household, don’t they have any awareness to prevent crime!?
Ema: (…… I’m kind of surprised about it too.)
Juli: Unacceptable. What do they plan to do if something were to happen to Chii. I’ll definitely get the security to pay special attention to…….
Ema: W, well, the elevator requires an exclusive-use key, and there’s auto-lock for the room, so it’s fine.
Ema:…… uh, huh? It seems like the key is already unlocked.
Juli: It seems like among the brothers there are those who wakes up early, huh. By the way, what kind of business does Chii have here?
Ema: I was thinking of preparing breakfast. I at least want to do what I can…….

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink First Encounter (English Translation)

Ema: Huh? Hmm……It’s supposed to be somewhere close here, but……?
Juli: Chii…….How could you get lost even though you carry such thoroughly drawn map?
Juli: Your sense of direction is devastating. Here, let me take a look at it.
Ema: O, okay. Does Juli understand the path……? Or rather, a squirrel who is capable of reading a map is…….
???: Aaaah――――! Oneechan, get out of the way-!
Ema: …… Eh?
???: Uwaaah! I can’t stop itーーー!
Ema: Kyaa!!

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Prologue (English Translation)

Ema: (We’re in Kichijouji, an area in Musashino. Holding the map, I walk along an unfamiliar street)
Juli: Are you nervous, Chii?
Ema: A little.
Juli: It’s alright. You’re meeting your new brothers, after all.
Ema: (The squirrel on my shoulder is Juli. We’ve been together since I was young, and he’s like a guardian.)
Ema: Sunrise Residence…it’s amazing how an apartment here belongs to just one family.
Ema: I wonder what it looks like…
Ema: …and if I can get along with the people there…
Ema: (Also, how can I speak to Juli with so many people around…?)
Ema: (I can’t really explain to them how I can converse to a squirrel…)
Juli: Chii, that’s a left turn, not right.
Ema: What?!

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Events List

This list is not complete, I found the names online but I will change this list as I play the game, I will fill in all that is missing (such as the characters present in the event).