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Weird Product Alert: Salmon Egg Cream for your Face

Word on the street is that eggs are as good for your skin as they are your body. Not just any eggs, but fish eggs, to be exact. We did a little homework and came across a ground-breaking (and totally weird) cream from the South Korean brand Besolbo that beauty fanatics across the globe are buzzing over. Can we interest you in a little salmon egg 101? Allow us to introduce you to the Besolbo Royal Salmon Egg Return Cream.

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You Now Will Have a New Sheet Mask to Obsess Over

ICYMI—sheet masks are still going strong. And there's a new one that I'm guessing is about to take center stage. Meet Slice Masks. Slice Masks hail from Korean beauty brand Kocostar and are actually a part of the sheet mask family. These unique little masks are just about the cutest things I've ever seen.

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Unusual Face Masks for Your Next Spa Night

Face masks are basically a spa night necessity these days. The Korean beauty trend of sheet masks have now become a staple in many beauty bags. If you're like us, you love a good down time with your fave sheet mask. In case you're looking to add a little spice to your sheet mask rotation, allow us to introduce you to five masks with unique—OK, odd—ingredients.

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5 Alternatives to Shaving

The summer months are nearing and that means showing more skin and basking in bikinis on the beach and sometimes that annoying stubble can get in the way! Oh body hair, we love it we hate it some of us just embrace it, but for those of you who are sick of constantly shaving or spending what seems to be endless amounts of money on razors and shaving cream..were looking for alternatives.

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Blackhead Mask Review

Everyone has heard of the blackhead masks by now, they remove all the blackheads you have on your face. This is a picture with the effect you should have when using the masks. The ones we bought were about 6 euros a piece, which is not that expensive. The first time I tried it, it… Continue reading Blackhead Mask Review

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Incoming: New Beauty Launches to Check Out This December

December might be the month of secret Santa gifts, party palettes, and big-ticket splurges galore, but don't let the holiday season fool you: there are still some amazing launches hitting the beauty shelves before the year is over. Click on to see the best new launches popping up just before 2017!

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Mythbusters: Why Your Lips Are Actually Chapped

Just because it's frigid outside doesn't mean we have to let our pout game suffer. How can we fight chapped lips in the midst of the crisp fall weather scene? We turned to the experts for advice.

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Ingredient Breakdown: Coenzyme Q-10

By now, most skincare fanatics know that miracle, fix-it-all ingredients don't really exist. In fact, science shows that a beauty routine that incorporates several high-powered ingredients is the best way to combat signs of aging, skin damage, and all those other fun things we deal with on a daily basis. But, how do you know… Continue reading Ingredient Breakdown: Coenzyme Q-10

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Best Beauty Products Under $5

What’s better than finding a product you love? Realizing it’s a complete steal! These amazing products get the job done all for under $5. Find our favorite cheap beauty products below.

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Beauty Double Take: Lip Gloss as Color Corrector

There comes a time in every beauty lover's morning routine when lipstick application is a tad too strong for our liking. We may not be able to turn the clock with a clean base, but we can make matters better with lip gloss! Watch this super quick tutorial on how to color correct your pout.