Brothers Conflict Passion Pink First School Day (English Translation)

Mahoko: Oh, she’s here! Hina, good morning!
Ema: Maho-chan, good morning.
Ema: (This girl’s Mahoko Imai-chan, or Maho-chan for short)
Ema: (She’s my best friend, and we’re always together at school)
Ema: (By the way, the nickname “Hina” came from “Hinata”)
Mahoko: How’s your new life? You finished moving, right?
Ema: Yup, but I haven’t finished cleaning up yet.
Mahoko: How’s your new family?
Ema: About that…
Mahoko: What’s up, having such a serious expression…?
Ema: Actually…
Mahoko: Whattt?! You’re siblings with Yusuke Asahina now!?
Ema: Ma-Maho-chan,not so loud…!
Mahoko: S-sorry…! But, I’m seriously shocked!
Ema: When I first saw my new home, I was shocked too…!
Mahoko: So? What was Asahina’s reaction?
Ema: He said “Understand!? Don’t say anything about this sibling matter in school!!? And about us living together, don’t expose it to anyone!!!”
Mahoko: Wow, that’s so like him… but don’t you have to tell the teacher?
Ema: Yea. Papa notified the teacher for me, but she was surprised too…
Mahoko: I guess so. To think that you would suddenly become siblings with your classmate.
Ema: Our teacher noticed how I felt, so she said that it’s okay to stay with “Hinata” for now.
Ema: Therefore, Maho-chan, keep this a secret, okay?
Mahoko: Yup, I got it.
Ema: Thank you.
Mahoko: Are there other siblings too? Uhm, how many siblings were in the Asahina family again?
Ema: …e-eleven…
Mahoko: Eleven!?
Ema: ….Aha, hahaha! That’s a normal reaction, I guess.
???: What are you two talking about? Eleven people, so soccer?
Mahoko: Sasakura! That reminds me, you’re in the soccer club, right?
Sasakura: Yup!
Ema: (Sasakura-kun is always so energetic, and is a friendly person)
Ema: (He’s popular among everyone in the class, on top of that he’s the ace of the soccer club, so of course he’s popular with the girls)
Mahoko: But, too bad. We’re not talking about soccer right now. Hina moved recently, so we were talking about that.
Sasakura: Really? Hinata-san, you moved? Where did you move to?
Ema: Eh….uhm, to Musashino city.
Sasakura: Musashino city? That’s around Kichioji or Mitaka, right?
Sasakura: Oh, that’s right! If you want help cleaning up or anything, just let me know. I’ll be happy to help.
Sasakura: I mean, when moving there are times when a guy’s necessary, right? As long as there are no club activities, I’m good any time!
Mahoko: Oh, me too! Let me know if you need help. Besides, I want to visit Hina’s new place ♪ Let me know next time, okay?
Ema: Thank you, you two.
Ema: Once everything’s settled, come visit.
Mahoko: Okay, I look forward to it!
Sasakura: Oh, homeroom’s starting soon.
Mahoko: Well then, see you later.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: (…Huh? That reminds me, Yusuke-kun hasn’t come yet. I didn’t see him during breakfast either…?)


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