Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Events List

This list is not complete, I found the names online but I will change this list as I play the game, I will fill in all that is missing (such as the characters present in the event).

Common Events

Route No. date event name Additional notes
Main 1-2 May 22 prologue
Main 3-4 May 23 next morning
Main 5 May 24 at school
Main 6 June 22 Idol’s younger brother Wind favorability by “To the living once again” ↑
Main 7 July 3 Travel planning
Main 8 August 11 Family trip first day There is a branch in 2 routes
Main 9 August 12 Family trip day 2 Branch on 3 routes
Main 10 August 13 Family trip 3rd day There are branches in 3 routes (when not branching by 9)
Main 11 August 14 Last day of family trip
Main 12 September 23 Birthday party After branching to 2 routes, further branching
Main 13 September 30 Culture festival coming soon
Main 14 October 23 On the day of cultural festival Branch on 6 routes
Main 15 November 7 wedding ↓ Favorable degree with “Let’s chase Subaru” ↑
Main 16 November 13 truth Branch on 6 routes
Main 17 November 13 Important things Branch on 6 routes
Main 18 November 29 One more person Optical likelihood with “Talk to Kan – san” ↑
Main 19 December 25 Christmas party
Main 20 January 1 New Year Branch on 6 routes
Main 21 February 10 Valentine soon
Main 22 February 14 Valentine Branch on 6 routes
Main 23 March 14 White Day Branch on 6 routes
Main 24 April 8 New semester Branch on 6 routes
Main ED April 30 ending Branch on 6 routes

Interlocking Events

Date Event name Character appearance Additional notes
June 20 Watching a game
July 11 A newlywed
July 18 Work of a voice actor
Aug. 1 stereo
August 2 Nursing
August 3 Idol
September 2 Clothing sense
September 4 In the character of the river Conversation occurred with persons with high likelihood
October 2 Coolness
October 4 A real clown
October 6 With animals …… TV viewing
October Junk Food Fast food
November 1 basketball
November 17 A brotherhood quarrel
November 30 Where’s the match?
December 1 Eating out Western-style restaurant
December 1 musical Stage Musical
December 2 Darts match Darts
December 2 Communication play MONSTER HUNTERS
December 4 growth
December 7 Asahina Kyodai
January 3 Cooking Western-style restaurant
January 3 Meat dishes Family restaurant
January 3 Brilliant…… Board game
January 6 triplets
January 12 Journal coverage
February 1 approach
February 1 The taste of sake home meal grilled meat (Yakiniku, pan, sandwiches, ramen, or any of the Zaru-soba)
February 1 Family group Japanese movies
February 1 Wanko story documentary
February 6 Holiday afternoon
February 21 On the way home Japanese-style restaurant
March 1st magazine
March 1st Mackerel cards
March 6 Whose room?
April 1st album
April 1st brother
April 16 New game Sunset of the Dead
April 27 Racing game TV games (after March)

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