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Harry Potter Makeup Products Perfect For Each House

After catching glimpse of those wickedly awesome Harry Potter-inspired wandbrushes, we haven’t stopped thinking about Hogwarts-esque makeup. And don’t even get us started on the faux eyeshadow palettes created by the genius Reddit user MakeupAddiction. If you ask us, this Harry Potter makeup mania is the greatest beauty trend we’ve seen all season, so we’re not letting it… Continue reading Harry Potter Makeup Products Perfect For Each House

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Budget Beauty Brands You Need to Know

As much as our beauty-loving hearts love a full makeup bag, we also love a full wallet. So what’s a beauty lover to do when you crave new products but don’t want to break the bank? Well, it turns out our prayers have been answered! There are a number of new (and some old-school fave) beauty… Continue reading Budget Beauty Brands You Need to Know

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15-Minute Halloween Eye Makeup: Mermaid

When it comes to dressing up, Halloween is the time to go all out. But, planning a winning costume doesn’t have to mean months of preparation and beaucoup bucks dropped. In fact, many Halloween looks can be created with the makeup you already have in your beauty kit! If that doesn’t sound easy enough, many of our beauty-centric costume… Continue reading 15-Minute Halloween Eye Makeup: Mermaid

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Harry Potter-Inspired Makeup Brushes Are Happening

Muggles, rejoice! In the very near future we’ll be able to get in on the wizard-y fun, too. Storybook Cosmetics is launching Harry Potter-inspired makeup brushes that are truly magical. Storybook Cosmetics announced the product on their Instagram page on Thursday, and the Internet, of course, went crazy. The five silver wizard wand brushes can be… Continue reading Harry Potter-Inspired Makeup Brushes Are Happening

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My first tattoo!

Today was the day, I was getting my first tattoo. As you might remember this was the original idea: But today, during my class, I recieved a phone call from the tattoo shop. They weren’t sure what I wanted and thought I wanted one behind my ear. After calling them back and explaining what I… Continue reading My first tattoo!

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Black Water?!

There’s been a lot of buzz over black water lately. The soy sauce-look alike drink isn’t the most inviting of beverages in appearance, but it’s doing something for your body that normal water isn’t! We’re breaking down exactly what makes this product worth a try and why it’s changing the H2O game. Blk Spring Water… Continue reading Black Water?!

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Pink Gellac Review

Pink Gellac is the brand that brought me into doing my nails, they are the most popular brand in Europe when it comes to gelpolish. Go look at their website to see for yourself. They offer starterpacks for those who just started doing their nails. They always have fun promotions, like recently you got a primer for… Continue reading Pink Gellac Review