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Curling your hair with Cheetos?!

This something I read not too long ago. Curling your hair with cheetos, sounds crazy to me. But this girl named Bunny did it and it actually got some results. Bunny has a serie on her channel named ‘Will it curl?’ She has also tried mashmallows at one point, but this time she went for… Continue reading Curling your hair with Cheetos?!

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My new hairstyle

Hello everyone, I wanted to let you know that I changed my hairstyle a bit! So here is a picture: I always wanted to try out grey hair and I fell in love with the ombre style with light grey at the bottom. But I wasn’t really sure if it would look good on me.… Continue reading My new hairstyle


My first book and online store

Today I made the cover of my very first book ‘Heat in a Cold War’, I did this with a free to use site named Canva, it’s very easy to use. This is a smaller version of it: Once I finish this book I’ll put it up for sale, since it is my first one… Continue reading My first book and online store

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From Day to Night Makeup

With so many things to do in Vegas, you can’t afford to let your makeup hold you back. So how do you transition your makeup from day to night? Package Deals  asked me how I would do this. Read on to find out how I would change up my makeup! Everyday look: I would personally keep it… Continue reading From Day to Night Makeup

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Would you rather Beauty Tag

Welcome back to my Tag series! I will do these twice a week, every tuesday and thursday. And yes that is because does days start with a T just like the word tag. I’m not really creative with it, I know. For todays post, I’ll be doing a ‘Would you rather’ tag! 1.Would you rather… Continue reading Would you rather Beauty Tag

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Skincare Beauty Tag

This will be a new series of mine, I will start awsnering the questions of different tags. For my very first Beauty Tag post I have choosen to do one related to skincare! 1. How many times do you wash your face daily? I always wash my face in the morning, with a facial wash that… Continue reading Skincare Beauty Tag

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Unusual Face Masks for Your Next Spa Night

Face masks are basically a spa night necessity these days. The Korean beauty trend of sheet masks have now become a staple in many beauty bags. If you’re like us, you love a good down time with your fave sheet mask. In case you’re looking to add a little spice to your sheet mask rotation,… Continue reading Unusual Face Masks for Your Next Spa Night