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Weird Product Alert: Salmon Egg Cream for your Face

Word on the street is that eggs are as good for your skin as they are your body. Not just any eggs, but fish eggs, to be exact. We did a little homework and came across a ground-breaking (and totally weird) cream from the South Korean brand Besolbo that beauty fanatics across the globe are buzzing over. Can we interest you in a little salmon egg 101? Allow us to introduce you to the Besolbo Royal Salmon Egg Return Cream.

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On-The-Go Hearty Breakfasts

Our fast-paced lives can get the best of us, but it's crucial to reserve time for breakfast each day (if we are to protect anything). You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! When you jumpstart your day on a positive note with a hearty breakfast, you'll not only be getting the nutrients and energy you need to fuel your activity, but you'll also simply be happier! With that said—here are three perfectly satisfying, filling, and healthy breakfasts to bring with you on-the-go.

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No Filter Needed: Perfect Selfie Products

When it comes to selfies, we've all got our favorite filters. Whether you're a Mayfair maven, a Valencia Vixen, or you craft your own unique cocktail of editing features to get the perfect picture, we all find ourselves relying on filters to get our selfies just right. But, we've partnered with Physicians Formula to start a filter-free movement with their line of Super BB #InstaReady™ products. Physicians Formula is the first brand to create products tailored to produce a perfect selfie every time.

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Finals, A Survival Guide: The All Nighter

Since it is that time again.. at least for me it is. As a student myself, I don’t suggest all nighters to anyone. Yes I have done it... a lot. But I never feel better after having engaged in an all nighter. I’m always a little slower for the remainder of the week (especially if I have to do multiple), and it’s hard to make up for this loss of sleep when you have a demanding college schedule that deprives sleep to begin with! The obvious advice I give is to plan your life out so you don’t have to attempt an all nighter (but we all know that isn’t always possible) so I’m here to give you some tips on pulling an all nighter!

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The Best Workout Hairstyles, According to Hair Type

Ever wonder why your friend's perfectly coiffed ponytail stays in place through a long, hard workout and your droops within seconds? Well, just as with everything in life, what works for one person, might not for another. How you style your strands for a workout (and how they look after) depends largely on your hair type. Not sure what your ideal style is? We chatted with Cynthia Alvarez, Celebrity Hairstylist for Dove Hair, to learn her pro tips for preserving every type of hairstyle through a workout.

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What’s Really Causing Your Dandruff?

We all know what to do when you get flaky skin on your face or body—reach for the lotion! But what about when the flakes find themselves in harder-to-reach spots namely, your scalp? This can be harder to manage and frankly, a bit more embarrassing. And sometimes the cause of your flakes aren't quite as obvious as dry skin.

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Good News: Maybelline Fit Me Gets More Shades

It's no easy feat finding your perfect foundation match. And when it comes to drugstore foundations, it can be even harder. But, we've long been fans of Maybelline's Fit Me foundation for making the hunt a little easier, and as of yesterday, it's getting way better. On the brand's Instagram, Maybelline just announced they'll be expanding their shade collection with 16 new shades.

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Liebster Award Nomination

Liebster Blog Award. An award for bloggers. I am honoured to be nominated for this.

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The Best Nail Treatments for Post-Gel Removal

As much as we adore our bi-weekly gel manis, they aren't the best for our nails. (A moment of silence, please.) As heart-breaking as this is, we don't need to fully give up our favorite indulgence. A little treatment between polishes can strengthen and nourish our tips so they're back in fighting form. We're sharing some of the best nail treatments out there to give you the claws you crave.

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Helpful Hacks to Tame Flyaways

Think about it—your hair goes through a lot between being brushed, styled, and put up in a ponytail. More often than not, you'll end up with a handful of stray hairs once you're done fixing your 'do, but where do all these annoying baby hairs come from? Newsflash: they're signs of your hair breaking or being pulled straight away from your head. Sure we have lots of hair, so it's easy to ignore, but at a certain point, those flyaways can get out of hand. So put down the brush, pick up a comb, and read up on these products we love and other helpful hacks.